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Jams and syrups
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Delicium – Jams and syrups

Delicium – Jams and Syrups – A 100% Romanian brand born from the passion for nature and the will of creating high quality products.
A family business which has its debut in the autumn of 2015, when a dream comes true by investing in a raspberry plantation. A couple years later, the raspberry business turned to processing the raspberry into jam and syrups and soon after, it became a real business made and sustained by quality people and quality products.

Improving recipes passed from generation to generation and using only fruits from our own and local production, Căpușan family is providing you the tastiest and the healthiest jams and cold processed syrups.

What do we offer?

The first Romanian collection of cold processed syrups with high content of fruits(40-50%)
The method used to prepare the syrups does not require any heat treatment, in this way, the syrups are containing all the fruits taste, color, nutritional and medicinal benefits without adding artificial flavors, colorants or additives.

A wide collection of jams with high content of fruits (60-70%)
The jams are prepared in such a way in which the fruits are not heat-treated more than it is necessarily so the fruits wont lose the nutritional value. An explosion of natural fruit flavors, without any harmful ingredients added.


Very delicious and healthy due to the high content of fruits.

Perfectly for breakfast, used as ingredient in different cake recipes or as topping.


A natural flavored drink, with a rich nutritional value due to the high content of fresh fruits, with no heat treatment applied(boiled or sterilised).

Perfectly for different cocktails to surprise your friends with.

A rich source of beneficial vitamins and minerals and also an real help for many health issues.

Why should you choose Delicium – Jams and syrups?



100% Romanian

All the ingredients used in the preparation of our products have local origin.

Cold processed

The first Romanian collection of cold processes syrups.

Quality guaranteed

High content of fruit products with great taste, nutritional and medicinal values.


Aditives, colorants or artificial flavors.

Delicium – Jams and syrups guarantees:


Borsa, Nr. 470B, Judetul Cluj, Romania
0731 354 048