About us

Our story started in 2015 when we planted 1,5 hectares of raspberry and after two years we started manufacturing jams and syrups out of our own raspberry. One year later, thanks to the great feedback received from our costumers we decided to grow our collection of jams and syrups for which we are continuously improving the recipes and the quality.

We are manufacturing the first Romanian cold processed collection of 10 syrups with a high content of fruits (40 to 50%) and thanks to this method, the syrups are containing all the natural benefits, colors, nutritional and medicinal benefits of the fresh fruits we are using.

Also, we have grew our collection of high fruit content jams (67% to 100% fruit content) quite much, currently we are producing a number of 15 different varieties of which our clients are very enthusiastic for.


We use only the best fruits to make the best jams and syrups.


We are building long-therm relationships, based on respect an trust.


We are fighting to maintain the quality of our products at the highest level.


We have passion for what we do and and we do nothing without passion.


It is a healthy product that gave us the opportunity to make it an art by using our favorite and high quality fruits in order to obtain the tastiest and most delicious jam with big pieces of fruits, even the whole fruit!

Some of our jams(like rosehip jam, blueberry jam or blackcurrant jam) are even used as treatment for different health issues.

But mostly, the jams are used as ingredient or topping for different types of food and deserts as cakes, muffins, icecream, pancakes and many other.


Our syrups give an incredible sensorial experience to anyone who has never tried natural cold processed syrups before, this is because the fruits are litterally fresh with no heat treatment and no freeze. Our natural syrups represent a healthy alternative to the traditionally-made syrups on market, wich are made of extracts, full of artificial flavors and dyes.

Our syrups have the full potential of the fresh fruits that were used in the manufacturing process, bringing huge health benefits when they are consumed as treatment, or just like that, from time to time.

If you want a strog immune system in the cold season you should drink our cold processed syrups, it really helps!

Borsa, Nr. 470B, Judetul Cluj, Romania
0731 354 048